www.irctc.co.inwww.IRCTC.co.in offers the best solutions to plan your tour, journey and travel. It may be one day or several days. www.IRCTC .co.in favors as a best site to guide you in your journey.

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Any traveler can get all information about the trains and tour packages even in he uses the site for the first time. www.IRCTC.co.in provides you with both information about the trains and booking of tickets online. www.IRCTC.co.in specially designed to teach you the do’s and don’ts of IRCTC. We not only help you get your tickets online but equip you with the necessary information to check the PNR status of the ticket, to check the train running status and to continue with your journey without any hassles. By the end we guarantee you that you will be confident about your ticket and journey so you may travel with ease.

IRCTC: part of Indian Railways

Indian Railwayswww.IRCTC.co.in is the part of Indian railways catering and Tourism Corporation. The site deals with online booking of railway tickets, gives you information about the ticket availability, the railway seat availability, the PNR status of the ticket, the Indian railway timetable and many more information regarding the IRCTC.

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Become a registered user of www.IRCTC.co.in and enjoy the facility offered by the site. Taking online railway tickets is quick and ease with us.

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Register with www.IRCTC.co.in and it is still easy and quicker way to take tickets online, check the PNR status of the ticket and to enjoy many more benefits offered by the site.

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IRCTC payment methods

www.IRCTC.co.in accepts Debit and credit cards of any nationalized bank for the payments of tickets, tatkal charges and so on. Internet banking is also possible. It the ticket that you booked online was in waiting list and if the status of the ticket is not changed till the time when the train is about to start, then your money will be automatically refunded to your bank account.

How www.IRCTC.co.in works

www.IRCTC.co.in helps every Indian to plan his travel. One can Register in www.IRCTC.co.in

by completing the sign up procedure by clicking the signup button which is below the login form.

You can check train between stations through www.IRCTC.co.in by feeding in the station from which you want to travel and the station where you want to get down.

This will show you the list of all trains. You can select the train and check for the ticket availability and the seat availability.

After this you can book your ticket providing the passenger details. Make the payment for your ticket either through internet booking or by using your debit or credit card of any nationalized bank. Your ticket will be displayed in the screen. You can take a printout of your ticket. The ticket that is taken through this process is the E-ticket. While traveling with E-ticket you have to carry an identity proof with you. If you travel without an identity proof then it is considered that you are traveling without ticket. So don’t forget to take any one of the identity proof.

After reserving your ticket you can make use of www.IRCTC.co.in to check whether your ticket waiting list ticket has changed its status to RAC or confirmed ticket by checking the PNR status of your ticket.

www.IRCTC.co.in also helps you to check the train running status. It gives you detailed information about the last station from which the train started, the arrival time to the next station, the departure time from the last station, the delay report of the train etc. tatkal ticket booking is possible through www.IRCTC.co.in. You can book online ticket for your train 60 days before the date of your journey through www.IRCTC.co.in.

So by using www.IRCTC.co.in you can enjoy booking online railway tickets, check the seat availabity for the train that you choose. Check the ticket availability, check the PNR status of your ticket, check the train running status. You can also make payment for your tickets through www.IRCTC.co.in and enjoy your travel.