Indian RailwaysTrain between any 2 stations can be listed by simply typing the source station and the destination station. If you are searching for train to plan your journey on some particular date then you can check for trains by providing the detail about the station from which you have to board the train and about the station where you have to leave the train.

Choose the date of journey, and then the system will list you all the trains between those two stations. Select the train whose timing suits your travel and then check for the ticket availability and the seat availability. After checking the ticket availability and the seat availability you can book your ticket by providing the passenger details and make a payment for you reserved ticket either through internet banking or by using your credit or debit card of any nationalized bank.

How to check trains between stations

After booking the ticket in the train between the stations that you mentioned and making a payment, your ticket will be displayed in the screen. You can take the printout of your ticket. But you have to travel with your identity proof while you travel with your E-ticket. If your ticketed is listed in the waiting list then you can check for the PNR status for the ticket whether it has changed to RAC (reservation against cancellation) or to a confirmed ticket. If your ticket is still in waiting list status till the time starts, then your money will be automatically refunded to your bank account.

PNR status trains

Change source station to find more trains

If you are not getting any tickets in the train between stations that you have mentioned, you can change either the source station or the destination station and get in any one of the train. But you have to board and leave in the stations that you have mentioned in the train between stations. This is a tip to reserve your ticket for your journey, so that you can travel in the train between the stations that you have mentioned.

How to trains between stations search process works

Sometimes you may have availability of tickets in a train between the stations that you have mentioned; in this case you have to search the train in which the confirmed seat is available. In some case you may get confirmed seats in many trains in the list of the trains displayed at that time you can select the train which starts in your convenient time.

Train between stations what you have mentioned will be displayed in the screen you can select a train that starts in your convenient time by checking the arrival time to the station and the departure time.

After deciding train to travel, check for the availability of tickets and check for the availability of seats, book your ticket and enjoy your travel.