www.irctc.co.inIndian Railway’s first train was between Mumbai and Thane in the year 1853. Both are west coastal districts of Maharashtra. The present Indian Railways has made use of the latest technology. Many express trains and passenger trains are run by Indian Railways.

Depending on the sped of the train and number of halts it make, the railways have classified the trains into different types. The different types of train are Metro Trains, Suburban Locals, Passenger Trains, Express & Super-fast Express, Shatabdi and Janshatabdi Express Trains, Garib Rath, Rajdhani Express and Duranto Express.

Metro Trains PNR status

Metro trains run in metro cities like Delhi and Kolkata. Metro trains use the technologies to its fullest level. They run in their scheduled time. Tickets can not be reserved for these trains. So tickets do not have PNR number. They run in moderate speed.

Suburban Locals PNR status

Ticket reservation is not possible in Suburban Locals. Hence PNR status can not be seen.

They are classified into slow locals and fast locals. Slow locals halt in all the stations. The fast locals halt in specific stations. Suburban locals run in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

PNR status trains

Passenger Train PNR status

Ticket reservation is not possible in passenger train; hence PNR Status can not be seen. Passenger train is also classified into slow passenger train and fast passenger train. Slow passenger train has stoppage at all the stop in their route. But Fast passenger train has stoppage in some specific stations.

Express and Super Fast Express trains PNR status

These Express trains run very faster than above mentioned trains. They cover longer distance. Ticket reservation is possible for these trains. So, PNR status can be seen for the reserved tickets.

Shatabdi and Janshatabdi Express Trains PNR status

Shatabdi trains have no sleepers. All coaches in shatabdi is Air conditioned. Janasatabdi train has bot AC and Non AC coaches. Seat reservation is possible. So PNR status can be checked.

Garib Rath PNR status

Garib Rath is 3 tier AC train. Their ticket rates are lower than other AC trains. Ticket reservation is possible. PNR status of the reserved tickets can be seen through our site.

Rajadhani Express PNR status

Rajadhani Express is fully air conditioned. They connect various cities in India. Ticket reservation is possible. So the PNR status of the ticket can be seen.

Duranto PNR status

Duranto trains never stops in stations in between. They starts from the source station and stops at the destination station.

Our Website acts as a means to check your PNR status and to find answers to passenger reservation enquiry.

What is PNR Number?

PNR is short form for Passenger Name Record. In Indian Railway Reservation System, it is a distinct number with ten digits that is related with a ticket. It is automatically generated by Computer Reservation System. This is a number which is used as an index number in the database of the passenger. The current reservation status of the passenger that is updated with their cancellation and other information are included in the database

PNR number

Where to find PNR number on E-Ticket?

The E-tickets which are booked by online booking system through the IRCTC websites have the PNR number at top in a separate cell.

Where do we find the PNR Number in the tickets taken in the booking window in the railway station?

In the printed tickets, the PNR number is usually printed in the top left corner. Printed tickets can be got only from railway station booking window.

The ways to check PNR Status

Check the PNR status by following the ways described below

  • Checking through SMS

Type PNR <10-digit PNR number> and send SMS to us to check your PNR status

  • Checking through our website

Our Website acts as a means to check your PNR status and to find answers to passenger reservation enquiry.

PNR Status codes

The following are the different PNR codes that you get while checking your PNR status

CNF – Confirmed

WL _ Waiting List

RAC _ Reservation Against Cancellation

GNWL_ General Wait List

RLWL _ Remote Location Wait List

PQWL_ Pooled Quota Wait List

CAN/MOD _ Cancelled or Modified Passenger

REGRET/WL_ No more Booking Permitted

R##RAC_ Coach Number Berth Number

Some of the short forms used in IRCTC

  • SL – Sleeper Class
  • 3A – AC 3 Tier
  • 3 E – AC 3 Tier Economy
  • 2S – Second Sitting
  • FC – First class
  • 2A – AC 2-tier sleeper
  • 1A – First class AC
  • GN – General Quota
  • DF – Defense Quota
  • CK – Tatkal Quota
  • SS – Travelling Alone Female Quota (above 45 Year) / Senior Citizen Quota
  • LD – Ladies Quota
  • HP – Physically Handicapped Quota

The Indian railways are following a systematic way for different trains in Indian railway ticket reservation. The metro trains, suburban locals and passenger train have no ticket reservation system. PNR number won’t be available in the tickets of metro trains, passenger trains and sub urban locals.

PNR Status can not be checked for metro trains, suburban locals and passenger train, since there is no ticket reservation for these trains.

Indian railway ticket reservation is open for fast and super fast express, rajadhani train, duranto, garib rath, sathaabdi and janasathabdi trains. There will be PNR number in the tickets of fast and super fast expres train, rajadhani, janasathabdi, sathabdi, garib rath, duranto trains. Hence their PNR status can be checked.

How the IRCTC PNR number is generated

Indian RailwaysIndian railway system requires following information to generate PNR Number and to complete the booking of tickets.

  • Passenger’s name
  • Contact details
  • Ticketing details
  • Itinerary
  • Person who provide travel information

When the passenger book an itinerary, the travel agent will create a PNR in the computer reservation system which can be used by railways. PNR is a shortened form of passenger name record in the travel industry. It is actually a record of itinerary for a group of passengers who travel together in the CRS. CRS is short form for computer reservation system. It is a term used in railways and airlines industry in booking tickets. The PNR is actually introduced by airlines. But now it is widely used across bookings of tickets in railways, hotel, tours etc.

There are several ways to get PNR status. We can check it Online on IRCTC site. We can check it through online. We can check it through mobile by using SMS services. We can make use of the services of several travel websites.

The airline reservation system also generates airline passenger Name Record. It is stored in the reservation and departure control database of the reservation system of airlines. The number of character differs in airline PNR number.

The top left corner of the Railway ticket taken through window ticket system in railway station displays the PNR number. But in E-Tickets we have the PNR number in the top of the ticket. In Railway ticket system PNR number is a ten digit number. Whereas in Airline lines the number of characters is different.

It is very easy to check your PNR status online through IRCTC PNR status. You can type your 10 digit PNR number in the form displayed in the site and just click Get PNR status button. By doing this you can check whether your ticket is confirmed or not.

Check PNR status through voice calls

You can check your PNR status even through voice calls.

Dial the number 139 from your dot line phone or through your mobile and follow the instructions given by the recorded voice.

You can send SMS to 5888 with your PNR number to check the PNR status.

It can be checked even through several travel sites online.

The metro trains, Passenger trains and suburban locals have no PNR number and PNR status cannot be checked for the tickets of these trains since ticket reservation is not possible for these trains.

In olden days, it was very critical work to find the PNR Status for a passenger. He has to wait in very long queues to enquire about his PNR status from the widow counters in Railway stations. But after the development of technology, the life is made simple and easier. Passengers can check the PNR status online through many travel sites and IRCTC sites. Nowadays, finding PNR status become simple and easy. It is very easy job to type your 10 digit PNR number and to check the PNR status.

One can easily check his seat reservation by checking his PNR status. It is not a difficult work to check PNR status before starting a journey.

Nowadays apart from railways ticket reservation system, the hotel room reservation system, bus ticket reservation system, the airline ticket reservation systems and many other ticket booking Medias has introduced this PNR number and they can check their own PNR status through their own websites.

Check PNR status with mobile phones

In recent world the technology had made life very easy. Nowadays almost everyone have mobiles and uses laptop and they are updated with technology. So checking PNR status is not at all a difficult task. Nowadays parents train their children to book tickets online and to check the status of their booked ticket. Checking PNR status has become just like a child game. It favors people to take decision as per their PNR status recording the journey.

By knowing these you come to know about the different types of trains that run across India and about the trains whose tickets have PNR number and about the trains whose tickets don’t have PNR number. You must have come now to a conclusion that how to check the PNR status of your PNR number in your train ticket. You must be having clear idea about the ways to check the PNR number.

Even the travel agents do the same thing in behalf of you. If you don’t have time to do all these, then you can leave the job to the travel agents through whom you have booked your tickets.

Now many travel websites has arose in the web and Internet and every one can check their PNR status through any one of the travel website.

The different Status of your PNR number are Reservation against cancellation, General wait List, Remote Location wait list, Pooled quota wait List, cancelled or modified passenger, No more booking permitted, coach number berth number

For what kind of trains can I check the PNR status?

You can check PNR status only for the train tickets of Express and super-fast express trains, Rajadhani, Duranto, Shatabdi , janashatabdhi and Garib rath trains.

The PNR number for Express and super fast Express trains, Rajadhani express, Duranto, Garirath trains, shathabdi and janashathabdi can be seen in the top left corner of the tickets and using this 10 digit number the PNR status of the ticket can be seen.