www.irctc.co.inIt is only through IRCTC Registration you can become a registered member of the IRCTC site. Only after becoming the registered member of the IRCTC you can make use of the IRCTC site to its fullest.

You can open the IRCTC registration form either by clicking the IRCTC registration or by clicking the sign up button which is under the login form. IRCTC registration is nothing but completing your sign up procedures.

Why would I register for IRCTC?

If you are new to IRCTC site first you have to register in the IRCTC site so that you will become a registered member of this site. But before filling the registration form keep in mind that you have provide correct details. IRCTC have rights to file case without warning for false personification. The mobile number and the E-mail ID that you provide here must be accurate since the user name and password will be sent to your registered E-mail ID.

The mobile will be verified by sending a verification code. So take care that you have given the correct mobile number and correct E-mail id to the site.

How to do the IRCTC registration

IRCTC sign up

  • You can select your own user name which may between 3 to 10 characters and check for the availability in the system.
  • Provide your First name and Last name in the specified box.
  • You can select any one of the security questions from the question which appears as drop down
  • Mention the correct answer of the secret question in specified box.
  • You can select your gender and the date of birth from the drop down that appears.
  • Provide correct E-mail address and the mobile number
  • Aadhar card number is not a mandatory field. If you have the aadhar number you may provide the number to the site.
  • After filling in your details you can provide your address.
  • If you wish you can subscribe for any of the services mentioned in this registration form.
  • Type the text captcha in the image and then click submit.

After this registration process is completed, you may receive a mail with your username and password which will favor you for IRCTC login.

Using this user name and password you can login to the site. Now you are a registered member of the IRCTC site. You can change the password if you wish by clicking the appropriate link after logging in for the first time.

Start using IRCTC after registration

Now you have become a registered member of the irctc site and you can start to book your tickets online using the user name and password to login.

Apart from booking tickets you can enjoy various facilities offered by the site such as knowing the PNR status of your ticket, to know the train availability, train status and much more.