www.irctc.co.inTo use the facility of IRCTC online booking first you should become a registered member of the IRCTC site by completing the registration process through sign up procedures. 

You register as an individual. The Registration is free. You can register by giving correct details and create your account in IRCTC site.

How to do an IRCTC online booking

Now use IRCTC login by entering the username and the password which is sent to your registered E-mail ID. The ‘plan my travel ‘page appears after you login to your IRCTC account. Provide the source station in the ‘From station’ box. Provide the destination station in the ‘To station’ box.

Check source and destination train

Check whether the source and destination train are in the route of the train then click E-ticket option. To find the list of trains for the given source station and the destination station just click the submit button. All the trains available in that route will be displayed. If you want to know the routes and train time for a particular train just click the train name under the list of trains.

Check train availability

Check the class availability and seat availability in the class that you wish to travel. Check for the ticket fare. To book ticket just click book now after selecting your desired class and seat.

If you want to travel in some other train then click reset button to select another train. After you provide the details here the ticket reservation page appears. Now, check whether the train name and the station names are displayed. Enter the passenger details which include the passenger name, age, sex and berth details for all the passengers. You can get 40% of fare concession for male senior citizen and 50% of fare concessions for female senior citizen.

Provide passenger details & make payment

After providing all the passenger details you have to make payment for your tickets.Just click ‘payment option’ and select the payment mode and the bank name that appears in the drop down list. Now click on ‘Make payment” It takes you to the selected bank site to make payments. Once the payment is done and accommodation is booked your ticket is displayed in the screen.

Print your IRCTC E-tickets

The electronic print out of the E-ticket can be taken and used. Do not forget to take your identity proof at the time of travel.

PNR number

Advance IRCTC online booking can be done before 60 days. The IRCTC online booking can be done from 8.00 A.M.

Tutorial steps: how to book IRCTC e-tickets

The steps involved in IRCTC online booking for quick review

  • Use IRCTC login
  • Click “plan my journey”
  • Select desired class on the right
  • The availability info comes at the top
  • Click “Book now”
  • Payment window opens for you and make your payment for the ticket that you booked through IRCTC online booking