www.irctc.co.inIRCTC availability is IRCTC ticket availability and IRCTC seat availability. Almost IRCTC ticket availability and seat availability means the same. In fact there is no difference between the words IRCTC availability, IRCTC ticket availability and IRCTC seat availability.

There is a slight change between IRCTC ticket availability and IRCTC seat availability. IRCTC ticket availability is to check whether IRCTC railway ticket is available or not irrespective of waiting list, RAC and confirmed ticket. But IRCTC seat availability is checking whether confirmed ticket is there or not. (RAC confirmed)

How to check IRCTC tourist trains availability

IRCTC tourist trains and tour package availability can also checked through IRCTC availability. Usually this tour train will be arranged for 10 days and it round the trip package which covers all important cities of the nation. This tour package is little bit costly than bus tour packages since IRCTC provides food and takes the responsibility for the food and health of the passengers.

Nowadays, trains become a common mode of travel almost for everyone who lives in India. Almost always you can see crowded train with passengers standing and without seats. If you are late in booking the tickets then the IRCTC seat availability becomes a problem.

PNR status trains

How to check IRCTC ticket availability

The main thing that you have to do while you plan a journey is to collect all possible details about the train you travel. Check for the trains by entering the source station and the destination station. Then decide your train on which you wish to travel. Now check for the ticket availability, seat availability, ticket fares and check for everything that you need to plan your itinerary.

The PNR status

You can get confirmed tickets only if the seats are available in the train. If you are late to book ticket then you may get tickets with the status of waiting list.

If you get a ticket with waiting list status it will be confirmed only enough cancellations are done.

If the PNR status of waiting list ticket is changed to RAC, you can get a ticket to sit and travel in the train.

To have a spectacular train journey your should know your IRCTC availability.

PNR number

You can get train tickets even without reservation in the general compartments. But if the train is really crowded then you have to travel standing.

There are many sites in the internet to check for the ticket availability and the seat availability. These sites allow everyone to make use of the information. You need not be a registered user of the site. So using the recent technology it is easy for you to check the IRCTC availability within few clicks. You can check for the IRCTC ticket availability an seat availability when you plan your travel and enjoy the hassle free journey.