www.irctc.co.inTo enjoy the facilities and services offered by IRCTC site, you must be first become a registered user of the IRCTC site. To become a registered user of Indian railways IRCTC site first pen the IRCTC site by typing the URL www.irctc.co.in.After getting into the IRCTC site you will be asked to login to your account.

Only if you are registered user of IRCTC site yow will be able to login with your USER NAME and Password. If you are a new user then you have to register your details by opening the sign up form. Follow the instructions carefully before filling the details asked in the sign up form. The details for the mandatory fields should be provided. Provide the correct details. Make correct entry of your phone number and E-mail ID. Any updates, notifications will be send to the details you provide here. Do not create any fake accounts. Indian railway has rights to file a case without any warnings for false personification.

Once you complete the signup form, you can become a registered user of IRCTC site. Now you can Login to your account using IRCTC login by typing your user name and password After logging in to the IRCTC site you can change your username and password if ou wish to change it. Now you become a registered user of IRCTC site and you can make use and enjoy the facility and services offered by the IRCTC site through IRCTC login. The various services and facilities provided in the IRCTC site are you can book your ticket online, check the PNR status of your ticket, and cancel your tickets if your schedule is changed on the date of journey.

IRCTC login

How to sign up for IRCTC

  • First you will have to visit their website, which is located at www.IRCTC.co.in, you will find the Sign up button beneath the login button
  • After clicking the sign up button you will be forwarded to a new page, this is the actual IRCTC sign up form. You will have to enter all the required information in the form in order to be able to sign up for an account. It’s also important that you enter the correct E-mail address and phone number, since these will be used for verification.
  • After you’ve successfully entered all the required information in the sign up form, you can click the submit button in order to create your account.
  • After submitting the form you will be asked to check your mobile number for the last time. Check your number for the last time and press ‘OK’.
  • Read the terms and conditions of IRCTC before agreeing with them. After that click the ‘accept’ button.
  • Congratulation, you now have successfully completed the IRCTC sign up process. You will now be able to login to your IRCTC account right away.

IRCTC sign up

Indian railways IRCTC site accepts all credit and Debit cards of the banks across India for the payment. You can make the payment even through the net banking facility. The system automatically reverses the payment if your ticket is not confirmed till the date of journey. Indian railways system is updated with technology and they are used far and wide. Commonly people of today love to travel through railways nowadays. IRCTC login is preferred and used by many people to book ticket online. It is very clear that almost every Indian have knowledge about the Indian railways site IRCTC and booking of tickets and cancelling of tickets is made possible through IRCTC login. Your registered account in IRCTC helps you to make use of IRCTC login page. Through this you can login to your account using your user name and password. It is advisable not to create any fake accounts and not enter wrong details and information in the sign up form. The series and facilities offered by IRCTC site is updated on regular basis.

You can search for holiday trains and special trains through IRCTC login. You can check for the availability of seats in the trains that you search. You can search for trains from source to destination place on particular date. You can plan your journey depending on the availably of seats and trains on the date that you have planned to travel. Only through IRCTC login the IRCTC site allow you to book tickets online and cancel tickets, to check your PNR status and to enjoy further facilities and services offered.

In earlier days when there is no site for IRCTC people have to stand in along queue in the railway station against the counter and you have to take the ticket manually. But as the technology has improved a lot, it become as a boon the community. Moreover IRCTC site is a boon to the travelling community. You can book or cancel your own railway ticket sitting very comfortably at home. To enjoy this comfortability, you must be a registered user of the IRCTC site. The IRCTC login provides you all comfortability.

Login to IRCTC: www.irctc.co.in

IRCTC loginOnce you become a registered user, type www.irctc.co.in in your web browser and use the IRCTC login page to get into the IRCTC site. By logging in to the IRCTC login you can check the PNR status for your ticket. The PNR status of your ticket can be see through IRCTC login by simply typing in your 10 digit PNR number.

You can check whether the status of your ticket has changed from waiting list status to confirmed status through IRCTC login. If your ticket is not confirmed and if it is still in the waiting list till the train starts then automatically the money will be credited into your bank account.

After IRCTC login and getting into your account, you can start to book tickets and start to use train enquiry features.

IRCTC is the only portal which supports tatkal bookings and reservation of tickets. Before 3 days to journey the tatkal tickets quota is opened for booking. After booking your tickets automatically you come to know about your 10 digit PNR number. Using this ten digit PNR number you can check the PNR status. Using IRCTC login you can also check for seat availability and know the railway train schedule. You can also have an idea of ticket charges for any particular train or for any particular class.

IRCTC login takes long time to load during tatkal registration period. The web pages of IRCTC take several minutes to open. Now you can make use of IRCTC lite version. The loading speed of this lite version is high for all the webpages in IRCTC site. Unneeded images, unnecessary links, banner and advertisements are removed in this lite version.

Indian railways have currently released the IRCTC mobile website. You can make use of the IRCTC login through the mobile IRCTC web site.

Indian Railways has also launched an official app on October 13th of 2014. IRCTC login through IRCTC app is one step login to the existing users. You can search for the train and book train tickets, view your tickets and cancel your tickets. New users can register through the signup form provided in the App.

You can check train availability between two railway stations for a particular date through IRCTC login and plan your travel by clicking on the plan my travel button.

You can enter the names of the origin station and the destination station, their codes and select your date of journey. All the trains that suit the details that you have entered will be displayed.

If you have any problem with IRCTC login the click your refresh button and enter into IRCTC login again.

Here are some tips and tricks to work with IRCTC website. This is explained by hearing many users experience with IRCTC website. Sometimes you may feel hard to believe but this is true.

After you have logged in using IRCTC login if you are seeing service unavailable message in between while you book your ticket, then refresh your page multiple times till the problem is solved.

IRCTC new registration and IRCTC login

Indian RailwaysAll Indian are expected to have an account in IRCTC since all people are using IRCTC to book tickets through pc, mobile, smart phones. Nowadays almost all have mobile, smart phones with internet facility especially to use What Sapp. Moreover IRCTC Apps are available which are officially launched by IRCTC, the Indian railways. During Tatkal ticket booking maintain patience as it may take a long time to load in peak and rush hour from 8.00 A.M. Do not click back button try to refresh the page often. Usually people loss patience and clicks back button and tries something which is not essential

Many people are not aware of quick book option in IRCTC website. Through this option we can book ticket quicker and in a very easy manner. Use Master List of passengers, passengers travel list if you are often booking tickets through this site. If you are not able to login through IRCTC login then use beta version of the IRCTC site. The user name or the unique id is essential for IRCTC to identify that it is you in their system. It is needed for you to login into their system. IRCTC new registration is creating a new account in IRCTC website www.irctc.co.in.

Having an account in IRCTC reduces our efforts which we were using in earlier days to book railway window ticket. IRCTC new registration is required for using IRCTC login and to book tickets online. Without registration and without becoming a registered user of your IRCTC website, the IRCTC do not allow you to login, book ticket. Moreover it does not allow you to enjoy a dingle service offered by the site.

The IRCTC services

After registering for your account with IRCTC you can use the following services:

  • e-Ticket booking
  • i-Ticket booking
  • File TDR services (Ticket Deposit Services)
  • Cancel Ticket
  • PNR Status Check
  • Train Schedules Check
  • IRCTC Flight Services

So it is very clear that without registration through sign up method and without IRCTC login, it is impossible for you to login to site and use the facilities and services offered by IRCTC site.

Without being a registered user, it is impossible to use IRCTC login either through website or through your mobile. So it is very important to create your login account first and to become a register user of IRCTC.

Indian Railway catering and Tourism Corporation is introducing for the first time in India for the cash on delivery for buying railway tickets which are already booked. This scheme is made available through IRCTC’s partnership with BookMyTrain.com. Cash on delivery is preferred method of people who doesn’t have internet banking account and for the people who do not have credit and debit cards of any bank. 60 percentages of e-commerce transactions tends to be on cash on delivery. Revealing the card details in internet often makes people to think as a security hindrance for their transaction hence many Indian people prefer that cash on delivery for the train tickets

IRCTC does not provide the agent license by itself but it provides the license through IRCTC authorized principal agent. Pay point India is one of the authorized principal agents, which will provide you an opportunity to retail ticketing agent to become Indian railway authorized e-ticketing agent. To start a railway ticket booking agency, you need an IRCTC booking ticket license. Starting a railway booking ticket agency without license is an offence.

After applying for license through pay point India, you get the license approval within 5 to 10 days. Once the IRCTC gives approval, the authorized principal agent informs the retailer and the retailer can star his service on the very same day of getting license. The retailer gets the following benefits once he become a licensed railway ticket booking agent. You get a commercial license for selling railway e-tickets.

Convenient booking of e-tickets through your IRCTC login

You can cancel the tickets easily. You can increase your customer’s loyalty. It serves you to enter into online service business So through IRCTC login and with an approved licensed through authorized principal agents of IRCTC you can start you own railway ticket booking agency. IRCTC login helps you to book tickets online and to plan your itinerary. IRCTC login helps you to start online railway ticket booking agency if you have a license from IRCTC through authorized principal agents of IRCTC.

It is very clear that you have to start up with sign up procedures for registration in IRCTC site. It is essential to give correct information and details while registering your account. If the system detects that it is spam then it will permanently delete the user account. There are chances for IRCTC to file a case without any warning if it detects any false personification.

The IRCTC login, thus favors people to book tickets online, cancel their tickets, to check their PNR status and moreover the IRCTC login favors the people to start their own railway ticket booking agency with an approved license from IRCTC through an authorized principal agents.

So after knowing all the benefits of IRCTC login, you will definitely become a registered user of IRCTC to make use of IRCTC login. First become a registered user by completing the IRCTC signup process. Once you sign up you can log in and become a registered user of IRCTC and start to enjoy the facility provided by Indian railways catering and Tourism Corporation. Get ready to register in IRCTC and start to use IRCTC login now.